Excursions, Accompanying Programme

We offer next excursions for the ICCC 2002 Conference participants:

Tuesday May 28, 2002 afternoon

Visit to the Tatra car museum in Kopřivnice and the Štramberk castle
20 participants at least, 360 CZK (10 USD) per person, by bus
The Tatra museum The Tatra museum: The whole exhibition presents five development stages of the automobile history in Kopřivnice. One of 52 exhibited cars, racing cars and trucks is the replica of the first car Präsident that was produced in Kopřivnice. In additive, 8 chassis and 21 engines are exhibited and offer the opportunity the typical Tatra automobile conception in this museum to be studied. All descriptions are in 3 languages (CZ, E, and G) and there are also 7 audio-visual boxes, where you can find more details about 150-year automobile history in Kopřivnice. More information are available here
The Tatra museum The Štramberk castle: The name of a circular tower that proudly surpasses the ancient town is Trúba. Together with wall remains is a part of the former gothic guard castle from the first half of 14th century. Yet in year 1646 the castle was in ruins and in 1782 was destroyed totally. Only the circular tower sustained. Architect Karel Hilbert made a tourist prospector tower out of the watchtower. It holds a view over the opposite limestone hill Kotouč with Šipka cave. The remains of Neanderthal man were discovered here by the end of 19th century, together with mammoth bones and fireplace dated back to early Stone Age. In 1920 the national park has been constituted with sightseeing track commemorating memorial of famous characters, for example Bedřich Smetana, Alois Jirásek, or Leoš Janáček. The other showplace in the park is a wooden Walachian creche, a wooden belfry and a small chapel. More information are available here (czech only)

Wednesday May 29, 2002 afternoon

The Tatra museum Excursion to Walachian open-air museum (National cultural monuments: Wooden little town, Mill valley or Wallachian village)
20 participants at least, 360 CZK (10 USD) per person, by bus
The Walachian open-air museum: Walachian museum is the oldest open air museum in Center Europe, established in year 1925. The three independent premises, Wooden Town, Mill Valley, and Walachian Settlement, contain more than sixty showplaces that represent typical timbered architecture of Walachian region. The Walachian open air museum welcomes more then 600 000 visitors every year. They admire not only dwellings, farms and technical building, but are spectaculars of regular weekend happenings that demonstrate old ways of housewifery, housework, and craft. Programs for lovers of the folk music, vocals, and dance run every Saturday and Sunday since May till September on stage of the chamber amphitheatre. The stylish boarding in the area of the Wooden Town and Walachian Settlement is available throughout the year. The wide spectrum of folk craftsmen products, souvenirs, and postcards are offered in the shop. The museum provides guided tours in Czech, English, German, French, Russian and Polish. Printed leaflets are available in all world languages and Czech. The museum also prepares regular exhibitions where it presents its rich collection funds. The collections have been building since the twenties of the last century. They total at the present more than 100 000 three dimension objects, 120 000 negatives and photographs, 13 000 book volumes in the library, and 40 000 archive items. More information are available here

The Tatra museum Walking trip to Lysá hora mountain (good weather only)
5 participants at least, free of charge, on foot - 8 km length, 700 m of altitude diference
Lysá hora mountain: With its stretch of 1.160 km2 The Beskydy Mountains Protected Area is the largest natural region in the Czech Republic. It was found in 1973. Almost 70 % is a timberedland. The Beskydy Mountains first were composed of mixed forests (firs, beeches), later there were planted out spruce firs. Today trees are affected headly by the industry and logging. The herbage and various of flower create a typical impression of this landscape. To known tops belong headly the highest point of the Beskydy Mountains Lysá hora (1.328 m), further it is Radhošť (1.129 m), Pustevny (1.020 m), Kněhyně (1.256 m), Smrk (1.276 m) or Velký Javorník (918 m). These massifs are mainly formed of grit on a claystone from the chalk age. The Beskydy Mountains are also an important water region with some fresh water reservoirs. Natural reservation is mostly of a primeval forest type with several natural protected creations. More information are available here. Description of the Walking trip to Lysá hora mountain is available here

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