Important deadlines

March 15, 2002 - deliverance of the final registration card, reservation for accommodation, the full text of the paper (in English), payment of the conference fee.

May 27, 2002 - conference participants arrival.

May 28-30, 2002 - conference negotiation.

Assumed costs

Registration fee includes the Conference Proceedings, accommodation and full board (3 days): 270 USD 9990 CZK
Accompanying person, accompanying programme, accommodation and full board (3 days): 150 USD 5550 CZK
Publication a paper in the Conference Proceedings without attending the conference: 70 USD 2590 CZK

Payment instructions

Your payment for ICCC 2002 conference can be carried to our account:
Account number: 127089559/0300
Bank name: ČSOB, a. s. obchodní sí IPB (in czech)
For identification of your payment, please use the variable symbol: 321152xxx, where xxx is your paper number (the first of your paper numbers) in three digit form, for example: 002, 013, 156.
Be sure, if the transfer costs are paid by you as a sender!

You are pleased to send a copy of your payment (by E-mail or fax) to the Organizing Committee to prevent misunderstanding.

When you have any uncertainty about your payment ammount, please, contact the Organizing Committee by E-mail:

Participants can pay their ammount in Czech currency also, which means:
270 USD == 9990,- CZK
70 USD == 2590,- CZK
If you need an official invoice, ask the Organizing Committee and send us your official institution name, official address, IČ and DIČ numbers.